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At Flexicodes, we believe a company’s website should reflect its true vision. By working with local freelancers, we can honor that belief while delivering individualized, high-quality services at competitive prices.

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We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions. They are an indication of taking ownership of the next steps in your business’s internet presence. Taking ownership relates to better questions, communication, and outcome of the processes to come.


1101 South Main Street #431, Chelsea MI 48118


1101 South Main St. #431, Chelsea MI 48118


Check Your SEO Score

Now is a key time for businesses to invest in SEO so they can set themselves up for success in the future.
Website Audit & Keyword Selection

SEO specialists perform an audit of your website and determine which keywords will be most successful for you. We create a custom SEO package for you based on your location, market, and competition.

Onsite Optimization

We make sure all the content and HTML source code of your website are correct. This helps build RELEVANCE so Google and visitors to your website easily understand what you do.

Offsite Optimization

We promote your business online through quality content, online business directories, and link-building. This shows you are a TRUSTED source for the service or product you are marketing.

Real-Time Reporting

You’ll have 24/7 account access to see the work being done on your site and the progress you are making.

Maintain Page 1 Rankings & Expand Your Reach with NEW Keywords

Once you reach the top, we want to keep you there! We build on your success by strategizing with you on what services, products, and locations you want to focus on next.

Invest in SEO Now to Improve Your Rankings

  • Keywords take time to rank, so it’s important to start now
  • Within six months, your keywords could be on the first page of Google
  • If you start SEO marketing now, your business will be positioned for success in the future. Look ahead and see where you want your business when this pandemic calms down

Keyword Optimization

It takes a lot to rank well for a keyword, so we do exhaustive research to find the very best ones keywords for the business.

Website Optimization

We have a team of Copy write and Content specialists that will facilitate onsite recommendations based on the keyword we're targeting. This is critical to improve the site's relevance with Google.

Top SEO Experts

Our goal is to help small businesses succeed online. To help achieve this we actively monitor every SEO campaign to identify areas for improvement. We also provide monthly consultations to review each campaign and ensure client goals are being met.

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