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At Flexicodes, we believe a company’s website should reflect its true vision. By working with local freelancers, we can honor that belief while delivering individualized, high-quality services at competitive prices.

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We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions. They are an indication of taking ownership of the next steps in your business’s internet presence. Taking ownership relates to better questions, communication, and outcome of the processes to come.


1101 South Main Street #431, Chelsea MI 48118


1101 South Main St. #431, Chelsea MI 48118



We deliver expert knowledge and support to provide our clients with the highest quality service. Not all businesses are alike; that’s why we bring flexibility and understanding to our web development process.
Reputation Management

Reputation Management helps cut through the clutter associated with managing online reputations. Give you control over the most important aspects of your reputation, including reviews, listings, and social media.

Customer Voice

Online reviews are critical to the success of a local business. In fact, nearly 90% of consumers say they’ll only consider using a business if they have an average rating of 3-5 stars. Smart business owners are getting serious about soliciting feedback, but asking customers for reviews can be time-consuming.

Listing Builder

Establish accurate business listings and rank higher in search engine results, such as Google. Get started for free, and then optionally upgrade to powerful presence management tools—Listing Distribution and Listing Sync Pro. Our solutions are the most comprehensive business listing solution on the market.

Content Writing

SteadyContent helps you grow your website traffic while you aren't there pushing it forward. By having automated content every single week, your web presence steadily grows. Creating content weekly allows business owners to invest in their future beyond running ads.

Social Marketing

Social media is hard to do on your own. You need to come up with a nonstop stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels, every single day.

Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence brings your advertising campaigns under one roof and provides a real advertising ROI for your business. Smart comparison tools help you uncover recipes behind rockstar campaigns, pinpoint what’s really making you money, and see the big picture of your advertising efforts.


Search engines like Google look at two things when evaluating a website and deciding where to rank it - relevance and trust. Relevance takes into account the quality of content on a website and the code behind the scenes.

Custom Design

From Business Card designs & logo designs to brochure designs & corporate identies, our design team is here to help you with whatever your business design needs are.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team of experts works hard to make sure that your website is taken care of. We guarantee that at the end of the day, you will be satisfied with our performance almost as much as your website’s!

A One-Stop Shop

Our clients come to us because we aren’t a niche company, we can handle it all. Have a problem? We have the solution.

Free Consultation

Have ideas for your existing website, or a future one? Send it to us and we will analyze it and provide valuable feedback and recommendations.

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